We Asked 4 Female Animators About Diversity and Women in the Industry

Last week, the Hollywood Reporter published their annual animators roundtable . There’s no doubt that the talented creators selected to speak their minds had interesting and timely things to say about the industry—Byron Howard ( Zootopia ), Garth Jennings ( Sing ), Travis Knight ( Kubo and the Two Strings ), Mike Mitchell ( Trolls ), John Musker ( Moana ), Seth Rogen ( Sausage Party ), and Mark Osborne (The Little Prince )—wrote, produced, acted in, and directed some of the biggest animated films of the year.

But some readers noticed there was something amiss in the roundtable’s line-up, especially given some of the topics the conversation covered.

Every participant was a white man. And, to further highlight the homogeneity of the panel’s composition, the headline of the article read: “Seth Rogen and 6 More on Avoiding Ethnic Stereotypes and How to ‘Break the Mold’ of Princesses.”

Were these creators really the best or only people who might have had something to say on those topics? We couldn’t believe that was the case. So we reached out to some women working in the animation industry—from film to TV and educating the next generation of animators—to ask them about diversity in the industry. This is what they had to say.

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