Drawn Together Vancouver members are invited to join the Associations BBQ. Free burgers and hotdogs! Up for bocce and croquet? See what happens when you get a bunch of creatives together on Can Opener Day (yup, it’s real).

Drawn Together Vancouver is hosting a storyboard workshop! Join us for an evening of discussion with industry leading panelists as they share their unique perspectives on how to succeed as a storyboard artist.

Join the Drawn Together Vancouver group for an exciting new series of Creative Cafes. Join us at DHX Media on Wednesday, June 28th from 530-730. RSVP required.

Come join our session with Drawn Together Vancouver, where Barb Dawson, Vanessa Jacobsen and Tara Kemes will be discussing tools for finding your voice and being heard.  They will be sharing some time tested strategies for having crucial conversations th... read more