Brenda Gilbert

Bron Studios

BIO Brenda is the Co-Founder, and Co-President of BRON and has been active in film and media initiatives for more than 15 years. In addition to handling many aspects of Human Resources, she is intimately involved in the daily operations of the studio, whi

Vanessa Jacobson

Vancouver Film School

BIO Vanessa is Head of Department, 3D & VFX, Classical Animation, Concept Art & Design for Vancouver Film School. Over the years, Vanessa has built strong partnerships in the entertainment arts industry to enhance the student experience and to sup

Tracey Mack

Urban Safari Entertainment

BIO Tracey is an experienced, award-winning Producer with over fifteen years of experience in both animated (traditional/2D digital/3D/stop motion) & live action film, television and digital media, with a focus on programming for children and families

Jennifer McCarron

Atomic Cartoons

BIO Jennifer Twiner-McCarron is the President of Atomic Cartoons and is responsible for Atomic’s continued growth, creative excellence and valued collaborations with its partners. ¬†Prior to joining Atomic, Jennifer was Vice President of Production