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Published: 2021-09-10 07:05:09
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Articles of confederation These were documents that basically made the 13 colonies separated from KGB and established the US as a confederation Northwest ordinances This was an act of the confederation of the US that stated that the US would continue expansion towards the west Nationalist They preferred strong central government Goals of nationalists: To have their country united under THEIR nation's rule - not to be ruled by some foreign king, Like In many cases.
To be able to maintain their own culture, with their win unique national values and customs and not have other cultures forced upon them. To speak their national language. To celebrate and honor their national artists and heroes, their special traditions and holidays, to show the pride of being (whatever nation they are). Instead of saying, "Oh, I'm from this and that kingdom of this and that king" people would say "l am French/Hungarian/lateral/whatever", and be proud of who they are and Identify with their nationality, not allowing other nations to press on them and control them at least not without a fight and an attempt of resistance. ; A of yahoo answers Shays rebellion Farmers got mad at government for not passing stay laws Virginia plan Proposed by Randolph and made more open by James Madison Made the three branches of government to keep checks within the republican government to make sure no one had to fear that tyranny or abuse of power was possible 3/5 compromise The three fifths compromise made 3/5 slaves in to every states head count It was later added with this that slave trade would continue for 20 years This was very important to people in the south
George mason, a slave owner, spoke passionately about not keeping slaves Electoral college Electoral college were people ho voted on behalf of the state for the new president Came with rules for ties and other situation Constitution Was changed because it supported the rich and more high society people Revolutionary leaders apposed It too so It was changed Nationalists changed to the name federalists Which made the state governments strong The Judiciary act Tariff Bill of rights Hamilton' economic plan Whiskey rebellion The battle of fallen timbers George Washington's farewell address John Jays treaty James Madison

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