Chupa Chups Strategic Management Analysis

Published: 2021-09-15 14:00:09
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In 1956, Aberrant proposed the conversationally of his Idea, the first sweet with a simple ball and a stick of wood and the success was immediate, in spite of the high price. In 1 967 Aberrant created the first foreign factory in France. Salvador Dali, who in hardly one hour invented the famous yellow daisy to which the success of Chap Scups is attributed, created the design of the logo. In the same year, The Company replaced the stick of wood by the en of plastic, more hygienic and safe.
Aberrant created another factory in France and began the international expansion of the company. Now, Chap Scups is distributed successfully everywhere of the world. Every year, Chap scups company sales anywhere In the world more than 4,000 million units of chap scups lollipop. Recent problems THE barrier to Growth One barrier to growth in the confectionery market over the review period was a global decline in the 0-15 year-old population, which constitutes the main consumer ease for a wide range of products, including bubble-gum, lollipops and chocolate with toys.
Keep the leadership The company regulates employment and refinances debt to be able to adapt to the downfall of sales In accordance with the actual patter of global downturn of consumption the Spanish candies' multinational Chap Scups is now realizing that its sales in the world are losing pace. Situation audit The Chap Scups Group is one of the world's leading suppliers of confectionery products, with year-on-year sales increasing at a rate of more than 10 percent.

The Chap Scups Group owns factories in Spain, France, Russia, China and Mexico, with current projects In Brazil as well as commercial companies In Spain, Germany, the U. S. , Brazil, Russia, England, Japan, South Korea, Canada and Australia. Chap Scups specializes In diverse confectionery products which have been developed using their own technology and marketed under the brands: Chap Scups, Saint and Crazy particularly because 92 percent of the company's revenue comes from outside of Spain.

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