Copying and Simulation

Published: 2021-09-07 07:15:17
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Copying and simulation are two very different, yet very similar things people often misinterpret. In the process of copying, an identical clone of the original work is produced. On the other hand, the process of simulation can be defined as creating a different material with similar characteristics and a much similar output. Copying is an easy, fool proof way to create an efficient and correctly functioning piece of work, while as simulation is more complicated.
Simulation, on the other hand, is much more complicated. In simulation, a much modified version of the object, one that fulfills the purpose of the initial object is created. Examples of copying are all around us. A simple example is the duplication of the DNA in a cell during the basic cellular process of mitosis. Another example is photocopying your friend's notes for an upcoming test or assignment. Another example is mass production of identical materials in a factory.
Examples of simulation are more common than copying. The most basic example of simulation is the human race, where there are people possessing emotional and physical trait that are very different, yet al are able to accomplish the same tasks. All humans eat, sleep, drink and socialize, but not all them do so in the same way. Humans were also created for the same purpose, therefore meeting the criteria of simulation. Another example of simulation is various types of phones.

While they all work to accomplish the same tasks, they contain different processors, and come in various shapes and sized. Copying and simulation are two valuable processes with many similarities and differences. While copying must produce an identical version of the object, simulation creates something that must only be similar in purpose and result. Copying and similar are extremely different, yet extremely similar. By Miriam-H. Raga

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