Cultural Enlightenment

Published: 2021-09-02 05:35:12
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They have access to large listening libraries, state-of-the-art recording studios, Instrumental combos, and regular master classes given by a variety of highly successful, working Jazz musicians. Graduates find work In a variety of settings as arrangers, ensemble directors, vocal coaches, recording engineers and producers, jingle singers, jazz artists, educators, theme-park and cruise-line entertainers, contemporary Christian singers, pop/rock singers, cabaret and club performers, back- p singers, and even arts administrators and managers.
I thought about attending my first concert as an audience member, as I watched choir members Join their ranks. I was not sure what my reaction would be. Would I feel moved by the music? Would it put me in that fantastic trance of both energy and peace? As I watched the choir file on stage as part of their Vocal Jazz Ensemble Concert, I noticed many new faces mixed In with the familiar. I thought fondly back to my first weeks in the church choir as I was growing up. The music began before I knew If I was ready.
After Just a few notes, though, I began to relax. I was still In the sanctuary. The experience was different. My nerves were running high, but the music still took me n TTS nana, Ana gently lea me to Tanat place AT Inner peace. Can song was an exploration of different texture and flavor of music. The music was introspective and thought provoking, bold and inspiring. Most importantly, the music was an escape. Music creates a wall of protection from those concerns. That is its power.

I Joyously left the peaceful sanctuary so beautifully created by the choir on Friday night. Yet, I continue to hold that reminder of God's presence in my heart. It's a place I can go to when I need strength or peace. The music continues to live through this choir, and I know that their witness has inspired me. It is my hope and prayer that everyone who is a part of this wonderful process-director, choir members, and audience alike-will continue to carry this purpose and message with them. "The music lives! " Praise the LORD! [pick]

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