Published: 2021-09-13 21:10:11
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I Had lost my bag together with some of my personal documents and one f which is my passport. Whereas, I lost the above afore mention under the following circumstances: That during that time, I was inside the comfort room where a woman next to me had snatch my bag and without further a do. The women succeeded.. That all of my belongings during that time were also taken such as my cell phone, my wallet. , my postal id and also my passport.. 3.

Despite diligent efforts exerted, I could no longer locate, find or recover the said passport of mine and other documents oaken to me and to the best of my knowledge, the same is truly lost. 4. The said passport with serial numbe has not been confiscated by any officer of the law or the issuing office or agency due to the violation of any law, statute, order, rule or regulation. 5. In the event that the lost passport should hereafter be found or located, I undertake to forward or surrender the same or to report the same in its Government

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