Emotion and Culture Paper

Published: 2021-09-11 12:55:09
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Emotion and Culture Paper Kerry Rogers PS2000 Intro to Psychology Professor Eva Owen March 20, 2013 Evaluating the culture-specific and culturally universal aspects of emotional expression. Also, evaluate how this is related to evolutionary psychology. Be sure to discuss how you would integrate this with a Christian worldview. Culture-specific or culturally universal expressions dominate the lifestyle of very culture on every nation on earth.
And language is not as much of a bearer as one might think. Now lets look at the word “culture” to get a deeper understanding of the meaning. The word culture has many different meanings; let me give you some examples… For some it means, a appreciation of good food, or literature or music and yes even art. Which for some is an enquired taste. Many books have been written on the subject, so we are never for a lac of understanding. “For news of the heart, ask the face. As people of differing cultures and races, do our faces speak differing languages? Which face expresses disgust? Anger? Fear? or Happiness? Sadness? Surprise? Those are just some of the question asked by very culture. From a psychological aspect researchers have found that happy people tend to have high self-esteem. People also tend to be optimistic, outgoing, and agreeable. They have close friendships and more satisfying marriages. And more importantly they have a more active faith.
However happiness seems not much related to other factors such as: Age, gender, parenthood and physical attractiveness. A wealth of studies has revealed another curious correlation, called the faith factor. Religiously active people tend to live longer than those who are not religiously active. Health and other factors have an affect on our life’s outcome. I am not sure how culture and psychology work into a Christian worldview, but I do know that God does affect very culture and aspect of very human life that was born or will be born.

Whether you believe that God is your creator or not does not negate from the truth. Evolution is a theory and a lie that came from human evolutionary lies that have been handed down for the past two hundred years. While Christianity, has been around since the beginning of time. You want more proof all you have to do is read the book, the book that has been reprinted and read more than any other book. Christianity is full of culture and life stories that give history like no other lifestyle known by man.

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