Europa Europa Film Assignment

Published: 2021-09-01 13:45:09
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At first in the orphanage, Solomon goes through indoctrination, and the ideas are presented to him. From there it seems that he begins to change, but gets reinforcement when the bombs begin to I fall after the candy incident. In the interaction with the German troops, he adapts by lying on who he is really is to survive, and make it through the events. The theme of adapting ties with Judaism, because as Jews were expelled from place to place, as they moved they changed to fit into environment, and lastly survive through time.
This Idea becomes visible because s Solomon moves from place to place, he changes his Identity to adapt and survive. However this Is not only a literal change of his Identity. At a point he pulls his skin on his pens In attempt to make It look Like he Is not circumcised. This Is a physical change that he tries to perform, but Is not able to do so In the end. From here It Is clear that he wants to hide out, but every time it is a change that goes with hiding his religion and the ideas that create that religious ideology. In the movie, adaptability becomes a need to survive, and in sense has relation to Judaism. Within the roots of Judaism has the sense of movement to find out that the ideas have dispersed. In the movie, the sense that he is exiled from his identity, and at times it seems that he is far out, and cannot come back. But as the plot develops, he attempts to return back to his true identity, but then to be caught within the lines of the Germans yet again. But then in the end he ends up returning to his real identity. But as he comes back, he learns that his family Is dead except for his brother, and In sense the family is dispersed away from each other.
In the movie Europe Europe, there are various themes that are apparent. But the idea of adaptability to survive comes up over and over through the movie. It establishes that in the end the true identity that comes from your cultural background, ends up, at times having oneself to change for survival. Within the movie Solomon changes to survive, in hope that he may see the light in the end of tunnel. Through this ordeal, he confronts his religious beliefs and has doubts about them. But over and over through specific scenes he is reinserted that belief is still strong tit him.

Through his perils he encounters various events, when these events take a turn for the worse; the belief is restored through some specific event, or him being saved from revealing his real identity. Solomon changes himself not to oppose his beliefs or even his religion, but more so to survive. From Judaism the idea of exile implies that you leave, and upon leaving you slightly alter yourself to fit In, and blend From here one can conclude that In various manners, Solomon performs an act that is identified within in his religion.
Solomon survives Dye slung ten concept AT adapt TTY Tanat comes Walt n ten Idea AT exile, and is though he alters his belief, he is reinserted by his beliefs yet again that they are in reality in him. Even when he tries to pull his skin to cover his circumcision he fells the pains, and learns that the identity follows him regardless if he lives with them in the open, or if he attempts to hide them. Solomon holds the idea of adaptability to secure his life, and at the time it was one of his main concerns, and he successfully does so.

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