Globalization of Mcdonalds

Published: 2021-09-14 10:15:09
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Contemporary World Culture Globalization of McDonalds Globalization has affected almost every aspect of life in most all countries around the world from economic to culture with the exchange of goods, services and ideas influencing cultural changes around the world. Food is an important element in defining culture and the globalization of McDonald’s is huge. Most people when they hear the name McDonald’s immediately think of America. Equating McDonald’s with America is sensible since they opened their first restaurant in America back in 1953 and over the years directly influenced American culture in a tremendous way.
From the days of a child’s first words McDonalds naturally comes off their lips as a place they want to eat. McDonald’s terms such as super size me have influenced teen culture by making its way into slang. McDonalds is the cool place to eat while at the same time driving our fast past give it to me now American culture. McDonald’s made it easy for Americans to get what they want fast and move on with life. McDonald’s has and still is a strong expression of American culture. When a McDonald's opens in a new neighborhood in a different country, people think of Americanization of the local culture.
In reality McDonald’s more times than not has conformed to the local culture, not the other way around. McDonald’s also alters its regional menus to conform to local taste. McDonalds is in the business of making money and has found it makes the most money by giving people what they want. Different countries and cultures around the world have different needs and wants thus becoming an expression of global culture bring a common thread to pull together different cultures from around the world into one global fast food culture.

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