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Published: 2021-09-13 20:00:09
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Jurists Haddam House Food Products has over 50 years of experience in the gourmet food industry. As you know our inventory selection is more than 20,000 items which consists of major brand within ethnic and gourmet categories. One of our most popular brands is Cane's Crazy Mixed-up seasonings. Haddam House is very strong when it comes to selling our products. However, Haddam House needs improvement when it comes to employee turnover.
Haddam House has three major locations, two locations in New Jersey, and one in South Carolina. There are 60 people who work in our corporate office and about 700-800 sales representative. Looking back at the last five years there has only been four employees who have been promoted and a handful of employees who left the company or got terminated. It is clear that these promotions happened because the supervisor of Accounts Payable decided to leave the company because she was moving out of state.
This left her position open which then the supervisor of Account Receivable decided to take her position this way one of her employees could become the supervisor. This may not be considered a promotion because she was already a supervisor Just moving to a new department. Furthermore, the young lady working in customer service has only been employed with the company for two years and she has a tough time trying to get promoted In addition to the employees in the cooperate office looking at the sales representative there have been at least three employees getting terminated each week.

That is a really high number and it should not be like this at all. It should be in the company's strong interest to want to keep their employees. There are many times where a sales representative will leave the company and then get hired again a month later. There are many questions that come with that. Are they leaving the company because their pay is not high enough and then Join the company later to get a better pay increase?
This problem can be avoided if the sales representative can give their feedback and the company takes it into consideration to better improve the company. . There is an even amount of males and females that leave the company each year. However, by looking at the numbers more females feel the need to get remoter and have the highest Job whereas, the males feel comfortable in their position. One good aspect about Haddam House is that there are an equal number of males and females in the company.
The company is also very diverse. Another variable that we looked into was if there was a correlation between education and promotion within the company. With any other company if a person gets a higher education it can give them a chance to get promoted in the company. However, with this company it rarely happens. Employees feel that when they get hired for a position it does not matter if they further their education they will be stuck that session.
This comes to be a big problem because individuals do not want to keep looking for a Job because they cannot go further. Haddam house is very particular with who is in the right position and they fear that only these people are right for the Job. It would help them in the long run if they were willing to trust more people and willing to promote more people than they do now. If they can get past this threshold they may notice an increase in moral and loyalty. Which will help people stay in the company and keep it a happy and healthy environment.

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