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Published: 2021-09-10 08:35:10
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We planned the whole trip 1 month In advance, because we were going to stay only 1 week and we wanted to take the best out of our family vacation trip, I as Impatient to be there with my family, see my old friends, and we heard that the city had Improved a lot In Infrastructures such as new buildings, parks, elegant restaurants, new streets signs, and playground areas all around the city I couldn't wait to see all that.
We took off early in the morning and I was feeling excited already. On the way, we would kill off time by playing the word game on the train. It is a usual routine for a long train ride. Hours later, we arrived to our hotel. They would not let me know which hotel we are staying to tease on my curiosity and excitement for this rip. I was happy and excited to finally find out that we are going to spend the night at Pineal Resort Nah Train.
We started to plan the trip and we decided to visit a few tourist places of Nah Train beach. First we planned to go to the island, which Is one most famous called Bird island, which Is known for the bird nest In danger of extinction found In that Island. My mom wanted to go to Hon. Mum Island to see the black rocks Like people In there Introduced, so we decided to go there as well. On the way we went, we tried lots of food in there such as Ban can chaw ca, Men chug

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