Mario and the magician- Cipolla

Published: 2021-09-05 18:35:19
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Thomas Manna's "Mario and the Magician," illusion, illness and deformity are only a few of the characteristics used to set the tone of the story. Prior to Cupola's Introduction, the narrator suggests that he should have escaped Tore did Veneer and the fatal Cipolin. At this moment, we have yet to experience the introduction and effects of the true Cipolin; however, we are lead to believe and imagine the worst about Cupola's character based on the narrators comments.
Cupola's appearance was obviously quite distinct, like none the narrator had ever seen before, based on his detailed outline of his absurd yet arrogant appearance. Cipolin was described as having: a very distinct noticeable attire, piercing eyes, ravaged face, broken saw- edged teeth, a small waxed moustache, a pointed beard and the utmost unusual hairstyle. He was also subject too very noticeable physical deformity which was described as being awkward and uncommon.
Despite Collar's discomfited appearance he was greeted with laughter and anticipation from the majority of the on-lookers who were anxiously awaiting the show. As Collar sat smoking a cigarette, calmly, he scanned the audience hoping to determine their weaknesses and placed, lent, judgment on certain individuals based on knowledge gained from years of experiences as a performer of that nature. After sometime and careful consideration, Cupola's first target was two healthy, strong, young men whom had obviously been chosen based on their brawls features.

Their appearances insinuated that, perhaps, they were laborers and not of a learned environment. Cipolin, obviously assuming Just that, chooses them to perform a task that will include writing. When, they cannot complete this task they are ridiculed and mocked because of their inabilities. This was Cupola's initial attempt to demean the audience only to heighten his own esteem. Throughout the story Cipolin demonstrates the consumption of excessive amounts of alcohol to sedate himself, as well as, the use of his claw handle whip to command immediate attention.
He brutally insults the knowledge of the people of Tore did Veneer by claiming them to be ignorant and UN- enlightened. Cipolin also displays anger through is his inability to portray patience and respect when he inflects a young man with unnecessary intestinal pain for defending his community and the people that reside there. There were other acts that followed in sequence; however, the final most memorable attack was against a ell-known respected waiter in Tore did Veneer, Mario. Mario was envisioned as a symbol of physical perfection.
He was young, handsome, well respected and of gentle nature, especially to the children of the area. While Moral was on stage, Collar humiliates him in front of Sylvester, a pretty young girl, whom Moral admires. This humiliation continues when, under Collar's control, Moral Is Instructed to kiss Collar on the cheek. Moral Is mortified because of Collar's choice or method of ruled was taken too far; thus, resulting In Moral shooting and killing Collar. Some live that Mario might have over-reacted as a result of his humiliation, but perhaps he TLD.
Cupola's Insecurities with himself, due to his deformities, caused him to find comfort in diminishing the self esteem of others by humiliation. The fact, that Cipolin drank excessively and used a whip to command attention during his characteristics. Cipolin tested the strength of numerous individuals and used his hypnotic abilities to hide his true intentions and emotional insecurities. Cipolin was a very unhappy person whose fate was expected to eventually end unfavorable.

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