Obesity and Dove Company

Published: 2021-09-10 23:35:09
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‘We want to challenge the definition of beauty. We believe the beauty have become too narrow in definition. We want to defy the stereotype that only young, blond and tall are beautiful’. Dove profoundly runs their CFRB (Campaign For Real Beauty) over the world, whereby they choose to use real women, which define as non-setting up of image, or original natural beauty and use in the campaign advertisement, focus on cultural issue, US receive great feedback from the public, company believe US market are growth matured since consumer are able to take words easily, for an example, Dove recent advertisement in US, as below, The company design the advertisement in the sense of alternative, it’s consider a strategy to target female market, according to research which conducted by Dove Company (U. S. Obesity Trends, 2009), overweight and obesity problem is still slightly increasing every years, Dove define it as a good market opportunity, in order to fit into the market, campaign like ‘Stand for something big and deliver it’ actually running in United State, the main purpose is to telling their consumer, do not concern able the problem of overweight, do not hide, Dove are here to tell audience, they are beautiful because they are not pretend to be beautiful.
Finally, the concept of the whole campaign by revealing the problem, get a very good respond from the public, Dove acting as personal caring to everyone, and prospectors are thinking Dove is stand on consumer side, feel and understand their problem, PR department does evaluated while post-event stage, generally Dove company concluded aiming obesity population will typically increasing their sale. The problem of translation and expression is still occur from years 2005-2008, advertisement below, European country opinion toward freckled skin do not receive pretty much positive value upon itself, the advertisement in the testing stage actually using the word freckled instead of flawed, but some kind of rejection appear on the market, PR and in-house agency for Dove company immediately conduct a focus group on differences country, they found out, the word ‘freckled’ ndirectly offending women who face the problem, instant consideration given to the translator to actually look for a suitable word to replace ‘freckled’, and finally came out with ‘flawed’, post-event group survey the market opinion, the campaign achieve higher value in the view of their perspective buyer, public think the word ‘flaw’ is acceptable because the word ‘freckled’ can indirect define as a illness for skin, but ‘flawed’ is still represent a healthy status compare to the previous word choice.
Western and eastern country contain hundred and eighties degree of different upon cultural value, Dove Company realize the same event running in US can’t be apply in Japan, 2 factors affected the trend, one is the general opinion and stereotype on judging beauty for women is totally different, secondly, Japanese education is typically different in sense of how they can think as open as European does, other than that, media selection play important rule because Japan is developed and advance in technological device, population density is higher compare to US, meanwhile the accessibility must be as high as possible, CFRB event declined at Japan while the testing stage is running at years 2005 to 2006, local advertising agency Ogilvy & Mather ASIA Pacific adapting to the Japanese lifestyle, and came out with a event so call ‘ACTIVATION’ at September 2008, due to the existing problem, Japanese do not agree on voting or judging in some weakness point that clearly can be seen or tangibility, like freckled skin, or overweight problem, so ‘activation’ is some kind of education base to telling viewer, think carefully, revealing is not a problem, Activate and generate your mind in no time! As a result, this event is still running in Japan, and it’s receiving a positive feedback from the public, and the concept of original beauty is still delivered successfully. Promotion part, Dove have more than 50 types of product launched in the market, several context and competition running in those country where Dove is able to reach the market, Malaysia promotion focus on convenience and discount or even free gift to attract buyers, and it’s work, sales is increasing, but same method failed in another country, Japan.

Beside of education aspect, behavior or I’ll define it as psychological interfere issue, advisor from in-house expert, PR conjunction with psychiatrist, expert group believe the Japan market prototype ‘free’ as ‘no quality’, Dove company work with legal advisor in order to find out the principle for Japanese’s prototyping, Dove decided to evolutes the concept of free gift as complementary base of promotion, but they start focus on re-value or reposition the brand image into something slightly above the cost, but perfect value and quality, even though this promotion did not achieve highest climate of profit, but it is good enough to create awareness and enable consumer to differentiate Dove with competitor, due to the price set is clearly can be seen.
Dove using standardization on running their campaign worldwide, but some facts have to bring in on how they standardize everything worldwide, difficulty on controlling everything is still one of the issue Dove company concern about, Dove company held the main official website at US, because Dove headquarter is locate in USA, sub ordinary company will refer changes on what does the headquarter will do, and what their plan will run worldwide, referring to this, management style for Dove company using centralization whereby headquarter will control organization management so it can consistence with the objective set by headquarter, but decentralization applicable for sub quarter so concept of adapting to local market helps to reach the market goal.
The point briefly discuss on history, is because in the 20s century, Dove company face problem on management style for Dove soap and other product do not contain similar image, misleading consumer on Dove is a common product that look alike with others competitors, that period of time, consumer lack of ability to differentiate what is the uniqueness between Dove and competitor, Dove came out with a campaign that changed their destiny, ‘Dove Campaign For Real Beauty’ conducted at the years of 2004, at 1st running in US and Canada, where they receive high value of support from the public, Dove company decided to run the campaign for real beauty worldwide with the same kind of concept, no doubt, it work everywhere, slightly changes like language in the advertisement, color and level of women body disclosure still bothering creative team to come out with campaign without insulting talented buyer, but the main point focus on organization management style, Dove company using one kind of concept running in worldwide market successfully influence the market whereby information overload will never apply for buyer, consumer realize only one identity can be seen from Dove, which is real beauty, by using Dove product, you are one of them.
For an example, Dove company headquarter in US have the strongest controlling power to communicate with others sub-corporation so sub-corporation will follow their plan to held any event, Phillippe Harousseau, creative director of Dove company in US, said that, challenging women basic perception require a consistency of strategy flow to exactly reinforce audience mind, once perception toward a brand, product or services consistence with the management style, it’s easier for them create a creative event which define the uniqueness of the product, eventually if the event will running worldwide. Appendix Article for Dove Company Its just some basic idea how does Dove Company discuss on the concept, article below observe discussion on ‘The Women’ as principle to running any campaign.
Advertisers have long linked up with Hollywood by placing their products within films or trotting out stars as their official sponsors. But some companies are now going a step further, investing directly in movie productions in the hopes of striking even deeper connections with film audiences. In what could be the latest trend in the financing of independent films, Unilever brand Dove has agreed to invest $3 million  about one-fifth of the budget  into "The Women," the first theatrical movie by Diane English, the creative force behind the hit television series "Murphy Brown. Dove look is real, but does it inspire?
Popular culture is in a tizzy of a debate over the female physique and the way in which it is depicted. Much has been written about the broad concept of beauty and its role in cultural politics, but the current conversation has narrowed the focus, from the woman as a whole to her individual parts: thighs, rear end and stomach.

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