Obligations to Employees

Published: 2021-09-15 20:20:09
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Does the presence of these magazines constitute the sexual harassment of Ms. Stanley? The presence of adult magazines in the shelves of Dairy Mart Toronto Ohio does not constitute sexual harassment of Ms Dolores Stanley because there is an absence of continuous and undesirable request for sexual favors or advances from a fellow employee, subordinate or supervisor. Sexual harassment may be in form of verbal or physical act which is sexual in nature. However, in the case of Ms. Stanley, she accused the company for sexually harassing her by selling adult magazines which are normally sold by convenience stores in the US.
It was like accusing the company for doing its business. 2. Which fact about this case weakens Ms. Stanley's claim that she is a victim of sexual harassment? What weakens Ms. Stanley's claim is the fact that there was no sex-oriented verbal or physical abuse to support it. She displayed unprofessionalism by letting her personal values and beliefs interfere with her job. Selling adult magazines is a common practice among convenient stores and this segment continues to the sales and revenues of the company. Legally speaking, there are no laws that prohibit the selling of these printed materials in convenience stores and supermarkets.
Case 2: "Technological Equipment Corporation" 1. Ethically speaking, is Eisenfeld a victim of sexual harassment? If so, then what kind(s) of harassment has he been subjected to? Stefan Einsfield is sexually harassed by his colleagues through intentional verbal and physical abuse in the workplace. Ethically speaking, Williams and Evans abuse him through unwelcome comments in sexual nature, offensive sexual materials, or unwelcome physical contact. This type of sexual harassment is called Hostile Environment Sexual Harassment where in such actions are regarded as normal and regular part of the work environment.

2. Compare and contrast this case with the more stereotypical cases in which female employees are subjected to treatment that is similar to that to which Eisenfeld is subjected here. Most women experience a different type of sexual harassment. The common type of sexual harassment experienced by women is the Quid Pro Quo harassment where in offers for job benefits or job advancements are offered in exchange for sexual favors. Normally such scenario happens between a woman subordinate and her male supervisor or manager.
It is more of a barter set up where in sexual advances are traded for financial gain and career growth. For Eisenfield, he had nothing gain from the sexual harassment he experienced. Instead, he was forced to work in a workplace where in casual sex is common and accepted by the employees and management. Case 3: "Without Recourse" 1. Is this a case of sexual harassment? Why or why not? Jane can be considered as a victim of sexual harassment. Obviously, Mike want to have a personal and intimate relationship with Jane, however, Jane prefers not to mix business with pleasure.
She refused the advances and invitations of Mike. Her decision resulted to the agitation and turmoil of Mike. Without recourse, Mike continued to pester Jane and when he cannot get want he wants, he opted to seek revenge by tactically criticizing her work and performance. However, this is yet to be proven and validated. If Jane's performance did not meet the standards of the company as claimed by Mike, this scenario cannot be considered as a sexual harassment case. Instead, the criticisms of Mike can be validated as coincidental and unintentional but purely a part or context of his job responsibilities.

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