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I wanted to learn more about it. I realized that most freedmen could earn a better living for themselves and family by sharecropping. After slavery ended many of them had no money, food, or shelter to support them. Also I thought about how much America has changed, since the industrial revolution. I don't know anyone who does agricultural work anymore, but I know there are still a few. Most of the work that is needed to be done now for agricultural work has been taken over by machines.
Antonio Vivaldi, George Frederic Handel, and Johann Sebastian Bach were all great music composers. Although they're all are quite famous, Vivaldi was one of the greatest. There are some differences between the composers that make them all unique. Vivaldi played the violin while Handel and Bach both played the organ. Vivaldi and Handel both are Italian and Bach is German. This source of different backgrounds is what makes their music style different.
Vivaldi grew up being a part f the priesthood, and Bach grew up not having very many people like him because of the way he saw things. Handel combined the Italian style with a unique French melody and created his own kind of music. Although there are many differences between these composers, they all were not famous during the time they were alive. Bach and Vivaldi were known more as a performer rather than as a composer because of the way they performed. All of these composers produced a style of their own, In a way to please and slut there audience.

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