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Sociology is a liberal perspective that explores the influences of social forces on individual behaviors. Course Objectives Students should be able to use a variety of thinking and reasoning skills, apply these skills as appropriate in various situations, and move among them depending on purpose. Upon completion of this course students should be able to: Define and gain a better understanding of sociology, critical thinking, and critical sociology. Define and differentiate between the three major sociological perspectives. Identify significant historical contributions to the discipline.
Define and apply the sociological imagination as it pertains to a wide spectrum of real-world situations, cultures, and social problems. Understand the functions and social problems created and maintained by social institutions. Explain how age, race, ethnicity, gender and social class are socially constructed and how such constructs contribute to existing social problems. Witt, Jon (2013). SOC 2013 (3rd Deed. ). McGraw-Hill companies Inc. ISBN: 07-802674-4 Finiteness's, Kurt (2013). Annual Editions (41st Deed. ). McGraw-Hill Companies Inc.
ISBN: 978-0-07-813601-6 Office Hours o have any questions, problems, or concerns, please feel free to visit me during my office hours Tuesdays or by appointment. Email Etiquette The best way to contact me is via email at Ashley. [email protected] Email. Deed. However please keep in mind that FREER does not allow me to discuss any matters concerning personal grades. Additionally, I teach several classes each semester at two different universities. I will not respond to emails unless you provide me your NAME and CLASS so that I know who you are. Please refer to me as Ashley.

Attendance, Absences, & Make-Up Work In this class there is a strong correlation between attendance and test performance, assignment scores, and your final grade. Material presented in class will NOT be made available to those who do not attend. Lecture notes will NOT be posted on Blackboard. If you are going to miss an exam, you must contact me in ADVANCED notice PRIOR to the exam, as well as provide documented evidence of your excuse. Late work in labs will not be accepted. If you anticipate being absent, you must contact your TA prior to missing lab and schedule a different lab session to attend.
Make-up work will only be allowed in the rare occasion that you are severely ill, experience an emergency, or are required to attend a university event and you must provide documentation of your absence. Course Organization & Grading ** This course is weighted. Therefore, your total points on Blackboard will not be representative of your final grade unless you calculate those points in accordance with the weight. ** Lecture Material presented in lecture will NOT be made available to those who do not attend class and will NOT be posted on Blackboard. Grades are NOT curved, emailed, or given over the phone.
Extra credit is NOT an option. Labs A separate lab syllabus will be provided by your GTAG. Lab times are NOT interchangeable. If you cannot attend your lab session, you must contact Tom or Keenan prior to your absence. Students are required to make-up their missed lab session during another lab session. This section is worth 30% of your final semester grade. It is your responsibility to keep a copy of all your work. Once assignments have been returned it is in your best interest to check Model right away to make sure your score is posted correctly AND to hold on to them until the class ends and final grades re posted.
Quizzes There will be a total of 11 quizzes offered this semester. Each quiz is worth 10 points. Your lowest quiz score will be dropped; hence 10 quizzes will count towards your final grade. The quiz schedule is listed below. The quiz will become available the Friday prior to the date due. On the due date, the quiz must be submitted by 11:59 p. M. Quizzes that are not submitted by the corresponding date and time will result in a failing score. You CANNOT make up a missed quiz (you can drop the lowest score). Quizzes are not timed.
You may access the quiz as many times as needed, however once the quiz is submitted, the score is final. All quiz questions will be derived from your textbook. Quizzes will be worth 10% of your final semester grade. Exams This section is comprised of 3 multiple choice exams (which are NOT comprehensive). The majority of exam questions are derived from mass lecture. The remaining questions are from the textbook. Excused make-up exams are granted if you contact Tom or Keenan PRIOR to the exam date and provide documented evidence of your excuse. The instructor reserves the right to change the exam dates.
Final Grades Exams, quizzes and lab assignments are calculated as follows: 0-100% = A 80-89% 70-79% 00-59% Blackboard Class announcements, quizzes, study guides and other supplemental course material will be posted on Blackboard. To access course material (study guides, quizzes), be sure to click on the Content link located in the left hand column. You will find the material in the associated folder. Additionally, all grades (unofficial) will be posted on Blackboard. Classroom Conduct Attending the University of North Dakota is a privilege, not a right.
The classroom is a special environment in which students and faculty come together to promote learning. Examples of improper behavior in the classroom may include, but are not limited to: disrespect for the professional status of the instructor and/or GTAG (refrain from contacting us through social media), persistent late arrival to or early departure from class, distractive talking, the use of cell phones and laptops to text, chat, or surf the web, refusal to comply with reasonable directions, employing insulting language or gestures and verbal, psychological, or physical threats and harassment.
The Department of Sociology supports classrooms that are positive learning environments, where people are respectful and supportive of one another. You may have strong opinions, but everyone is expected to listen respectfully to alternative viewpoints and to communicate ideas in a non-confrontational way without monopolizing classroom discussion. Course materials prepared by the instructor including the content of all lectures, are the property of the instructor. Reproduction of materials, including video and audio recording of lectures without the consent of the instructor is prohibited.
Unless permission is obtained from me, copies of materials and recordings of lectures may not be modified and must not be transferred or transmitted to any other person, whether or not that individual is enrolled in the course. Academic Misconduct classroom behavior, will be reported to the Sociology Department and the Dean of Students. Subsequently, the behavior will become part of your permanent university record. The penalty for academic misconduct is a failing grade for the assignment/ exam in question or a failing grade for the course, depending upon the severity of the misconduct.

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