SWOT Analysis for Gym, fitness center

Published: 2021-09-15 09:00:10
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Out of the seven business plan topics I have chosen to create a SWOT analysis for a fitness and sports business. All over the United States there are many fitness and sports centers that many people attend on a daily basis. Such as gyms like Curves, Planet Fitness, Gold's Gym and many more. However all of these gyms have something in common and that is to promote healthier lifestyles for individuals.
SWOT analysis for a gym

* Team players who are there to help the member strive in their goal for a healthier lifestyle.
* Has a well developed plan of action on how we intend to assist the community in a more beneficial way.
* Well known fitness clubs allows for brand recognition.
* Low affordable costs for yearly contracts or even Just a month to month no contract memberships.
This can attract more consumers (customers) who may not be looking for a pesky contract or those who do not want to feel tied down , to a long term commitment. Sports amenities such as personal training. Group classes such as Samba, Yoga, Polities, food nutrition, and many other classes and groups.
* Lack of desire for member retention, only focusing on new member acquisition.
* Lack of or poor cleanliness such as clubs are poorly maintained or taken care of.
* Lack of thought and time management on how they intend on running the club.
* Lack of thought put into how the members would feel or want when it came to certain programs in club.
* Poor appearance of gym (old gyms)
* Geographical location
Memberships are only limited to one of the clubs instead of only one of the gyms. Only fit attractive people employed, no big employees
These are Just some of the many strengths, weakness, and opportunities, and threats. There are so many things that could be listed under these four categories and components, however in order to list everything you would first need to know who, what, when, and where. Without assessing the SWOT then you as an entrepreneur are then unable to create your business due to the lack of information about the clientele and the community that you are intending to provide the services to.

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