The History of Job Design

Published: 2021-09-15 10:55:10
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Job design refers to the existing structure and dynamics of organizations that systematizes the work process. For instance, it entails the specification of organizational processes and operations that detail the tasks, the requirements for each task, and the systems and procedures that will lead to the accomplishment of these tasks.
In this way, the processes by which work tasks are accomplished become efficient and effortless for members of the organization. (“Job Design”) Overall, the job design is structured to eliminate problems and difficulties that have primarily something to do with the accomplishment of tasks which determine the success of the organization in terms of their achievement of organizational goals and objectives.
Although job design might be compared with the workplace design that exists within an organization, individuals should understand that job design refers to the working process and operations while workplace design pertains to the physical and aesthetic dimensions of the organization. Moreover, job design changes according to determine needs and requirements that will make the tasks of members of the organization lesser complicated to accomplish.(CCOHS)

This establishes the need for organizations to modify or transform the job design. As aforementioned, job design is essential in the efficient and effortless accomplishment of tasks. The evolution of the job design is highly reliant on various evaluation and assessment procedures that will help the organization determine the current working conditions within the organization, particularly the take of the employees on workplace processes and operations and the dimensions of the task through task analysis.
The results of the evaluation of the working conditions experienced by employees within the organization and the nature of the task will result to the formulation of the job design which looks into the appropriate working conditions and workplace processes and operations helping employees to finish the tasks timely and efficiently. (CCOHS)
Therefore, the success of the organization is also dependent on how job designs are transformed or evolved in the process.

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