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Published: 2021-09-13 16:30:10
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Best One of the chief social problems afflicting this country Is the breakdown In the traditional family (Kennedy 501). We live in the country where we have all different kinds of families, but the traditional family is the strongest one. We need to fight for the traditional family today because it would make a better life for us and our children. Traditional family Is based on a strong foundation, good values and family traditions. First, every family should build their life on the strong foundation.
What is the strong foundation for the family? The best foundation for the good family is found In the Bible. God's plan for the family system Is the best. First, we need to show appreciation every day for each other. Romans 12:10 says, "Be kindly affectionate one to another with brotherly love; in honor preferring one another. "Second, we must express our admiration, love, and respect for our family members. Romans 13:7 says, "Render therefore to all their dues: tribute to whom tribute Is due; custom to whom custom; fear to whom fear: honor to whom honor (The Bible 1009). Hat Is traditional family? The traditional family is made up of a father, mother and a couple of children. Anything other than this ideal is a deviation from the normalcy of values. According to this point of view, the family Is a basic unit of society that serves the purposes of socializing the young, regulating sexual activity, procreation, providing physical care for family members, giving psychological support and emotional security to individuals (Bullock 1). A family is not a collection of individuals who happen to live at the same address.
They are people who share an intimate and complex connection with one another, being related by marriage, birth or adoption. Together they form meeting larger and more significant than the contribution of one person. Two people, a man and a woman, locked together by love and lifelong relationship. Furthermore, the situation our nation's families are facing is dire, but there Is hope. When the family returns to the original blueprint that God designed, we will begin to see America strengthened. The family can change the nation in one generation if they will follow God's Word.

What is a family today? What challenges does being a member of a family present while traditional family structures change? Every family has to struggle to balance the demands of work and children. Also, the relationship between each spouse can become more delicate and complicated. Now we can see that the traditional family is stronger and the relationship between husband and wife (if they based on the Bible) are also much stronger and almost Impossible to break It. Therefore, If we will not fight for the traditional family, we will have distraction Inside the family and In our society.
Leers look what we have with a breakdown of the American traditional family. Here is some statistics. Currently, 27 percent of family households with minors present are headed by single parents. Over two million fathers are the primary caregivers of children, marking a 62 percent surge since 1990. More than 50 percent of minors will live In a single parent household at some point (Cotton 1). This should be no surprise when one considers the fact that one third of infants are born to unmarried parents. Single motherhood same period. This is not all.
The divorce rate is half the marriage rate, which has a tremendous impact on children. Each year one million of them witness their parents legally separate. Further down the line, these kids have a better than even chance of being in a steamily. One out of 25 children will reside with neither parent (1). More children than ever before are enrolled in various state operated foster care programs. Grandparents increasingly find themselves as parents once again; nearly two and a half million are primary caregivers to related minors. That is our sad reality, but we can change that if we work hard in ours families.
In addition, family values are very important in traditional family. Members of the traditional families have physical and emotional support whenever they need it. It is a big benefit for the spouses, their children or even grandparents. Children learn how to build a strong traditional family through observing their parents and by following their life examples. Having strong, well defined family values, helps solidify the foundation for a strong family. Strong and consistent family values are important in building trust and confidence in each family member.
What is the some of the values of traditional families that keep family strong? It is very important that each member of the family feel that they are loved, that they belong and that they matter. Each person should be allowed the space and freedom to explore the activities that they enjoy. People are more willing to take chances if they know they have a safe place to come back. Just spending time together as a family is what helps build that sense of belonging. Another big value is respect. Respecting each other is to take feelings, thoughts, needs, and preferences in to account when making decisions.
It also means acknowledging and valuing everyone's thoughts, feelings and contributions to the family as a whole. Respect is a very important family value. Respect will extend out of the home and into school, work or other social settings. Honesty -? is the value of any strong relationships. Honesty between mother- daughter, husband-wife, and sister-brother is critical. Without honesty, a deeper connection will not form and certainly won't last. Encourage honesty by practicing understanding and respect when someone tells you of their wrong doings. Another value is forgiveness. Forgiveness is a choice.
Forgiving people who did wrong is an important choice to make. In the loving and respectful family, forgiveness should be an easy choice. People need to forgive, so they could be forgiving. Communication is another important value. When people feel they can talk openly about anything - popes, dreams, fears, successes or failures - all without Judgment, it's encouraging and strengthens the bond (Kruger 1). That's why it is so important not only communicate, but also be a good listener. We can see many bad accidents happening around the world, especially lately with all the shootings at the schools.
Maybe some of them could be prevented if the kids who were shooting had a strong traditional family with open communications. Almost everyone involved in these tragedies was from broken or divorced families. Next, a good traditional family has good traditions that they have passed from enervation to generation. Why it is so important to have family traditions? We all came from different backgrounds and countries, but it is very important to have and keep traditions of our families. Traditions make a family unique, they draw people important traditions is family dinners.
Over the last 15 years, a large number of scientific studies have confirmed what parents have known intuitively for a long time. Sitting down to a family meal is good for the spirit, the brain, and the body. Recent studies link regular family dinners (5 or more meals a week) with a host of teenage behaviors that parents pray for: lower rates of substance abuse, teen pregnancy, and depression, as well as higher grade-point averages and self-esteem (Fishes 1). Dinner conversation is a great booster of vocabulary for young children, and stories told around the table about parents and grandparents help to build self-esteem and resilience.
Having family meals also lower the rates of obesity and eating disorders in children. Family dinners is the time to talk and listen. It is one time a day when the whole family is together and they can talk about their day, problems, and future Lana. Lastly, the breakdown of the traditional family and longer life expectancy means two million in their upper ass will face their old age alone. A report warns us that two million over-ass will face loneliness in their old age because of the breakdown of traditional families.
Study predicts one in ten over-ass, will live solitary lives by 2033 (Groves 1). Longer life expectancy, the breakdown of extended families and the growing number of older people living alone is making it harder for older people to sustain strong relationships and connections to community life. Let's summarize hat is the benefits of traditional family. Children raised in a family with the same parents during their growing years have a higher likelihood of having stability in their relationship and emotional bonding.
Children that grow up in a single-parent household have higher chances of feeling a sense of loss regarding the absent parent, and miss out on the emotional support that only a father and mother can provide. With both the father and the mother, children get a better sense of what is acceptable and unacceptable, as far as behavior is concerned. Children get a sense insistence, especially when it also includes closeness with other members of the family such as grandparents, aunts and uncles, and cousins. Children in the traditional family get far more extensive training in life skills.
Their mothers usually teach their children relationship skills, like emotional response skills and how to have smooth relations with others, while fathers teach their children handiwork skills and sports skills. With two parents sharing the responsibility of raising the children, it enables one parent to take time to pursue other interests or get a rest while the there parent plays or works with the children. Children that are raised in a traditional family also tend to take on some of the sharing of the responsibilities, such as older siblings taking care of younger siblings.
The breakdown of the American traditional family is a serious problem today, but we need to fight for traditional family. First of all, people need to have a strong family relationship based on the strong foundation-?Bible. We need to respect and love our spouses. By doing that, our children would have a strong example to build their strong families. In addition, is it very important to have good family values. People and children who have good families values will also respect and honor people outside their family, at school, work, and in the community.
Families need to have a good communication at home and be a good listeners. Having good family traditions, talking, listening, sharing, dreaming, and laughing. It is so important for children to see a good example from their parents about how they treat each other and their own parents. Good traditional family is the healthiest family. Children who have two parents are less likely to get in trouble. They are better students and helpers. Also, elderly people are less likely to be lonely at the end of their life if they been raised and lived in traditional families.

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