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Published: 2021-09-11 03:10:09
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Besides this, voluntary employee increased making Yachted having to hire new technical staff. Having all these employees caused the new employees to lower their productivity. Employees started to feel they were basically doing the same thing every single day. Others didn't care about consequences and some of them even started having issues from people in other departments. So basically the whole system was "crashed". Another symptom was that they started giving the employees a higher salary and profit sharing plans, with the hope that this ill address this issue, but it didn't.
Employee recommendations to their friends so they would join the company, became minimum. This showed the lack of interest that employees had over the company. To address all these symptoms that I explained they would have to take actions and make them quick. Yachted Ltd. Had to first address the rising complaints that the customers had towards the company. To solve this, they would have to apply more than one solution. Between the most important one of all, they would first have to start working on the old system that is applied in the company. As it was shown, bringing new employees might be the cause that is stopped working.
That's why they should first change the system to make the departments have a better communication between each other and avoid the conflict (Having a lack of communication in a business is not convenient at all). Another problem that was pointed out, was the lack of interest and how employees didn't feel worried at all about the consequences. Within the new system that will be integrated they should be able to add something up that if you're not giving the right customer service or you're being less productive oh get fire or have a really serious consequence.

With this solution we should add a feedback system that will be offered by any customers who gives a call. This feedback system would be added in a document that would have a different section per employee. By doing this, Yachted Ltd. Will be able to see who are the employees that put more effort into the company and at the same time see the ones that aren't doing so well. But the feedback system is something that should not be applied only to the customers. Employees should get surveys at least once every three months. When employees feel their opinion matter they will be more than happy to work for the company.
They will be able to express any concerns or problems they are having in the company. Even though it didn't work to raise the salary and give a profit-sharing plan they should still stick to it, but the ones that end up in the top three of the system each month would receive a big bonus. By doing this you will be able to make employees to compete and making a better performance. If you give the same prizes and same salary to all the employees, it will lack of a competitive environment making the customer service worst and make the productivity per employee lower.
To keep up with this productivity, employees should take a training every four months to be able to overcome their challenges within the company. This will allow employees to be able to perform quickly, learn new skills and at the same time maintain them. At the moment all these issued are addressed, employees will start having a different perspective of the job. By having happy employees we will be able to fix the problem of having low employee referrals.

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